A1 Pauvre Diable (The Ultimate Collection Mix) 3:00
A2 Just A Friend Of Mine 3:22
A3 Don’t Cry For Louie 3:00
A4 Philadelphia 3:32
A5 Puerto Rico 4:20
A6 Johnny 2:18
B1 I Don’t Want To Know 3:31
B2 Nah Neh Nah 2:52
B3 Travelling Light 3:30
B4 What’s A Woman? 3:53
B5 Heading For A Fall 3:39
C1 Far Gone Now 3:08
C2 Time Flies 3:39
C3 Forever Blue 3:56
C4 Farewell Song 3:10
C5 Stay With Me 3:42
D1 Don’t Break My Heart 4:25
D2 Je L’Aime, Je L’Aime 2:51
D3 Don’t Deny 3:28
D4 Some Like It Hot 3:45
D5 What’s A Woman? 4:06

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