2 × CD, Album, Limited Edition
DVD, DVD-Video
CD1-1 Wrong Turn 3:16
CD1-2 Point Break 4:35
CD1-3 Siboney 3:24
CD1-4 Last Ride 3:14
CD1-5 Corazón Del Loco Jorge 4:35
CD1-6 Glider 3:27
CD1-7 Restless 2:28
CD1-8 High Wall 3:18
CD1-9 Invasion Of The Reverb Snatchers 5:08
CD1-10 The Kiss-Off 3:44
CD1-11 Point Of No Return 3:48
CD1-12 As The Dark Wave Swells 4:39
CD1-13 Long Shadows 5:59
CD1-14 Nights Of Forgotten Films 3:49
CD1-15 Tonight, I Will Say Anything 4:18
CD2-1 Wanganui 1:58
CD2-2 Theme From Slaying Beauty 4:23
CD2-3 La Bruta 2:04
CD2-4 The Wedge 2:52
CD2-5 Chaotica 5:52
CD2-6 Bubble Bath 2:11
CD2-7 Mindbender 2:34
CD2-8 Panic Party 3:11
CD2-9 Malagueña 3:29
CD2-10 Pearl Divin’ 4:02
CD2-11 Cecilia Ann 2:14
CD2-12 Latinia 9:21
CD2-13 Rock And Roll Friend 4:58
DVD-1 Wanganui
DVD-2 Wrong Turn
DVD-3 Point Break
DVD-4 Siboney
DVD-5 Last Ride
DVD-6 Corazón Del Loco Jorge
DVD-7 Glider
DVD-8 High Wall
DVD-9 Invasion Of The Reverb Snatchers
DVD-10 The Kiss-Off
DVD-11 Point Of No Return
DVD-12 As The Dark Swells
DVD-13 Long Shadows
DVD-14 Tonight, I Will Say Anything
DVD-15 Theme From Slaying Beauty
DVD-16 The Wedge
DVD-17 Bubble Bath
DVD-18 Mindbender
DVD-19 Panic Party
DVD-20 Malagueña
DVD-21 Pearl Divin’
DVD-22 Latinia
DVD-23 Restless
DVD-24 Nights Of Forgotten Films
DVD-25 La Bruta
DVD-26 Chaotica
DVD-27 Cecilia Ann
DVD-28 Rock And Roll Friend

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