Concert : Live At Le Bercy, Paris
DVD1-1.01 Drums, Drums & More Drums 8:21
DVD1-1.02 Something Happened On The Way To Heaven 5:26
DVD1-1.03 Against All Odds 4:01
DVD1-1.04 Don’t Lose My Number 4:59
DVD1-1.05 Chat To Audience 1:35
DVD1-1.06 You’ll Be In My Heart 4:19
DVD1-1.07 One More Night 5:23
DVD1-1.08 Can’t Stop Lovin’ You 4:34
DVD1-1.09 Hang In Long Enough 5:15
DVD1-1.10 True Colours 5:30
DVD1-1.11 Come With Me 5:07
DVD1-1.12 Groovy Kind Of Love 3:38
DVD1-1.13 I Missed Again 4:23
DVD1-1.14 Another Day In Paradise 5:46
DVD1-1.15 No Way Out 4:37
DVD1-1.16 Separate Lives 5:58
DVD2-1.01 In The Air Tonight 7:41
DVD2-1.02 Dance Into The Light 4:35
DVD2-1.03 You Can’t Hurry Love 3:02
DVD2-1.04 Two Hearts 2:16
DVD2-1.05 Wear My Hat 4:59
DVD2-1.06 Easy Lover 4:56
DVD2-1.07 Sussudio 9:33
DVD2-1.08 It’s Not Too Late 4:05
DVD2-1.09 Drums Again 1:29
DVD2-1.10 Take Me Home 11:19
DVD1-2.02 Something Happened On The Way To Heaven 5:57
DVD1-2.03 Against All Odds 3:27
DVD1-2.04 Don’t Lose My Number 6:08
DVD1-2.06 You’ll Be In My Heart 4:17
DVD1-2.07 One More Night 5:08
DVD1-2.08 Can’t Stop Lovin’ You 4:14
DVD1-2.09 Hang In Long Enough 6:09
DVD1-2.10 True Colours 4:34
DVD1-2.12 Groovy Kind Of Love 3:59
DVD1-2.13 I Missed Again 3:38
DVD1-2.14 Another Day In Paradise 4:50
DVD1-2.15 No Way Out 4:09
DVD1-2.16 Separate Lives 4:20
DVD2-2.01 In The Air Tonight 4:44
DVD2-2.02 Dance Into The Light 4:29
DVD2-2.03 You Can’t Hurry Love 2:50
DVD2-2.04 Two Hearts 4:09
DVD2-2.05 Wear My Hat 4:42
DVD2-2.06 Easy Lover 4:47
DVD2-2.07 Sussudio 5:19
DVD2-2.10 Take Me Home 6:09
DVD1-3.03 Against All Odds (Live Aid – Philadelphia) 4:18
DVD1-3.16 Pick Up The Pieces (Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival, 1998) 22:45
DVD2-3.01 In The Air Tonight (Secret Policeman’s Other Ball) 4:56
DVD2-4.01 Phil’s Special : At Last… The Long Lost Network TV Special 47:44
DVD2-5.01 Phil’s World : A Bit Of A Parking Problem 17:49
DVD2-5.02 Phil’s World : Finally… The First Documentary 30:10
DVD2-5.03 Phil’s World : Phil’s Flash Gallery

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