Fourteen years after debut album “Nights of Forgotten Films” release, The Strange finally came up with a new single ‘Last Summer Song’ and announced the release of new album ‘Echo Chamber’. In the meantime debut album reached cult status among indie rock population around the world. In Summer 2004 a promo tour took place with special guest Scott McCaughey (Minus 5 and R.E.M.). In 2005 'Nights of Forgotten Films' was also released on Warner Music Austria.
The new song represents precisely what the fans expect from The Strange. Beautiful melodies, richly branched brass and tender strings create specific atmosphere which leads you to desire to press repeat button after first listening.
Ten new songs were recorded at Sono studio in Prague with producer Antonio Gramentieri aka Don Antonio and with legendary sound engineering Phill Brown (Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Dido, Cat Stevens, Bob Marley, Talk Talk…).
Guest roles on this album have been awarded to the great croatian singer-songwriter Irena Zilic and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
The Strange originally came about as a project of surf-rock band The Bambi Molesters and Chris Eckman, the leader of the Gothic-American band The Walkabouts. The debut album “Nights of Forgotten Films” was released in 2004. perfectly mixed the instrumental surf music with a somewhat dark vocals and became beautiful piece of Americana that could be compared with the key works of Calexico or Lambchop, as well as the ones by The Walkabouts and a great album with a touch of psyhcedelic rock similar to the one of The Dream Syndicate, noir feeling and Gothic-Rock akin to some works of Nick Cave, and the influences fo the bands such as The Cramps and The Gun Club.
Debut album has recevied high reviews at the music magazines such as Rolling Stone, Mojo, Uncut,, Uncut, And after its succes, The Stange released EP ‘Comin’ Undone’ and then divided into fourteen years of hibernation.
…“ this collaboration is a resounding success!“, Joe Tangari,…

“ the surf-Morricone twang of the band and a touch of Eckman's moody Americana-into-Europe visions..“ All Music Guide

This days The Strange works in a somewhat extended setup featuring Chris Eckman (ex The Walkabouts), members of The Bambi Molesters, My Buddy Moose, and brass section made up of trumpet player Andrej Jakus and saxophone player Ozren Znidaric.

The whole story about The Strange is rounded to one important moment. Album “Echo Chamber” is a project with which the publishing company “Dancing Bear Publishing” won the award at the “International” Croatian composers' competition. The goal of the triumph was to promote domestic music on the international territory with top music release.

1. Lonsome Rider
2. Echo Chamber
3. Dead End Shore
4. Last Summer Song
5. Killing Time
6. Dime a Dozen
7. Broken Town Blues
8. Shoot the Bear
9. Fast Train To Nowhere
10. Lights of Red Valley

Chris Eckman, Dalibor Pavicic, Luka Bencic, Matko Botic, Jasmin Decevic, Istvan Sirola
Andrej Jakus, Ozren Znidaric

NEW RELEASE DATE: November 02th, 2018.

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