PRINCE – PURPLE RAIN ultimate collectors edition…CD3/DVD


The Original Album (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)
CD1-1 Let’s Go Crazy 4:38
CD1-2 Take Me With U 3:53
CD1-3 The Beautiful Ones 5:13
CD1-4 Computer Blue 3:59
CD1-5 Darling Nikki 4:15
CD1-6 When Doves Cry 5:53
CD1-7 I Would Die 4 U 2:49
CD1-8 Baby I’m A Star 4:23
CD1-9 Purple Rain 8:19
From The Vault & Previously Unreleased
CD2-1 The Dance Electric 11:30
CD2-2 Love And Sex 5:01
CD2-3 Computer Blue (“Hallway Speech” Version) 12:19
CD2-4 Electric Intercourse (Studio Version) 4:57
CD2-5 Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden 6:25
CD2-6 Possessed 7:56
CD2-7 Wonderful Ass 6:24
CD2-8 Velvet Kitty Cat 2:43
CD2-9 Katrina’s Paper Dolls 3:30
CD2-10 We Can F**k 10:18
CD2-11 Father’s Song 5:31
Single Edits & B-Sides
CD3-1 When Doves Cry (7″ Single Edit) 3:48
CD3-2 17 Days (B-Side Edit) 3:56
CD3-3 Let’s Go Crazy (7″ Single Edit) 3:48
CD3-4 Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) 7:36
CD3-5 Erotic City (7″ B-Side Edit) 3:56
CD3-6 Erotic City (“Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive”) 7:24
CD3-7 Purple Rain (7″ Single Edit) 4:05
CD3-8 God (7″ B-Side Edit) 4:03
CD3-9 God (Love Theme From Purple Rain) (Instrumental, UK 12″ B-Side) 7:58
CD3-10 Another Lonely Christmas (7″ B-Side Edit) 4:54
CD3-11 Another Lonely Christmas (Extended Version) 6:48
CD3-12 I Would Die 4 U (7″ B-Side Edit) 2:58
CD3-13 I Would Die 4 U (Extended Version) 10:18
CD3-14 Baby I’m A Star (7″ B-Side Edit) 2:49
CD3-15 Take Me With U (7″ Single Edit) 3:43
Live At The Carrier Dome (Syracuse, NY, March 30 1985)
DVD-1 Let’s Go Crazy
DVD-2 Delirious
DVD-3 1999
DVD-4 Little Red Corvette
DVD-5 Take Me With U
DVD-6 Do Me, Baby
DVD-7 Irresistible Bitch
DVD-8 Possessed
DVD-9 How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore
DVD-10 Let’s Pretend We’re Married
DVD-11 International Lover
DVD-12 God
DVD-13 Computer Blue
DVD-14 Darling Nikki
DVD-15 The Beautiful Ones
DVD-16 When Doves Cry
DVD-17 I Would Die 4 U
DVD-18 Baby I’m A Star
DVD-19 Purple Rain

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