CD-1 My Eternal Dream 6:04
CD-2 Shine In The Dark 5:05
CD-3 Rise Above It 4:26
CD-4 Lost Without A Trace 5:27
CD-5 Feeding The Fire 4:12
CD-6 In My Line Of Work 4:18
CD-7 Man In The Mirror 4:43
CD-8 Few Are Those 4:11
CD-9 Fire In Your Eyes 4:14
CD-10 The Lost Saga 11:39
Live At Loud Park Festival 2013
DVD-1 Under Flaming Skies
DVD-2 Speed Of Light
DVD-3 Halcyon Days
DVD-4 Eagleheart
DVD-5 Destiny
DVD-6 Key Solo
DVD-7 Black Diamond
DVD-8 Unbreakable
DVD-9 Hunting High And Low

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